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Saturday, August 05, 2006


About thirty years ago, the Disney Corporation released a fantasy
movie titled "Dragonslayer." A summary of its plot is quite relevant,
as you will see:

In the Dark Ages, as the European-Mediterranean world is just
beginning to feel the spreading influence of Christianity, a young man
in a still-pagan society becomes the apprentice of an old wizard. He
learns that a dragon is preying upon fellow pagans in a region where
Christianity has just begun to be proclaimed, so he tries to use such
knowledge and power as he has acquired so far to kill the dragon. He
fails to kill it, but at least wounds it, and lives to tell about the encounter.
Meanwhile, a Christian preacher is not so fortunate: his prayers upon
meeting the dragon are useless, because his God is completely unable
to do anything for anyone, and the audience is invited to laugh at the
preacher's foolishness as he gets graphically incinerated by dragonfire.
The old wizard takes a hand to set things right. This is to be his
last great act, because the time of classic paganism is coming to an
end. It is NOT coming to an end because of _any_ merit or value in
the Christian faith which is supplanting it; we have just been shown
forcefully that, in the reality of the movie script, Christianity has no
power to do anything at all about supernatural evil. Rather, a blind
and meaningless Fate--itself a pagan concept, nothing to do with
God's will--has decreed that the Church will be allowed to grow
and flourish for no particular reason (at least until some time
after motion pictures are invented). The wizard, his magic making
him the dragon's equal in power, fights it, until both perish, ringing
down the curtain on their era.
The young apprentice and his love interest witness a crowd of
Christian converts, dumb hicks, falsely giving credit to God for the
destruction of the dragon. A Christianized king even stands over
the dead monster with a sword, trying to pretend that HE had
something to do with its death. But the so-much-wiser young
pagan sweethearts know that Christianity is a fraud, profitting
by undeserved good luck; so they ride off together, apparently
determined to keep up the true and superior faith of occultism.

You know, someone just _might_ perceive in that film a slight
antagonism to Christianity...sort of like the way "The Communist
Manifesto" had a slight antagonism to private property ownership.
Even if you never saw "Dragonslayer," you must have been
staying away from the movies altogether if you didn't see at least
a few of the _countless_ Christian-bashing films which have been
produced since then. Christians have not just occasionally, but
ROUTINELY, been portrayed as abusers, adulterers, bigots,
cowards, drunks, fascists, fools, hypocrites, moneygrubbers,
murderers, primitives, psychotics, schemers, rapists, tyrants and
yokels. (In that respect, "The Da Vinci Code" is nothing new;
nor was the screwball comedy "Road Trip," in which a despicable
evil character wore a T-shirt saying "God Is Awesome;" nor was
the Jean-Claude Van Damme film I saw in which a psychotic
murderer yelled "Come to Jesus!" as he assaulted people. I
could provide plenty more examples.)
I am especially disappointed with actor Hugo Weaving, who
did so well as Elrond, for being in the recent anti-Christian movie
"V Is For Vendetta." Its point is to warn us what a threat of
tyranny _Christianity_ poses to the world, unlike the sweet and
sensitive Religion of Peace as practiced in, say, Sudan. But this
barking up the wrong trees is going on all over the place; and
the latest man stuck in a barked-at tree is the tragically-deranged
Mel Gibson.
Even if Mr. Gibson somewhere deep in his heart seriously
wished for Jewish people to die--which no one can make a
credible case that he does--he is less of a practical threat to
Jewish lives than any rank-and-file Hezbollah terrorist chosen
at random. Yet the Associated Press, which in at least one
recent article said something more or less to the effect that
Israel merely had an _opinion_ that Muslim terrorists were
intent on destroying Israel, keeps fanning the flames of public
indignation against Mr. Gibson day after day, finding person after
person to quote at Mr. Gibson's expense. It seems that one man
saying bad words when drunk, and then meekly apologizing for
them, is far worse than whole nations actively plotting genocide
upon Israel, and boasting about it.
Certainly it's worse than hundreds of movies and prime-time
television broadcasts relentlessly accusing Christians of being all
the bad things I listed a few paragraphs ago. (If there isn't an
anti-Christian bias in commercial television, how come the
writers of "Touched By An Angel" _never_ dared once in the
life of the series to let Jesus be honored by name, even by mere
human characters at worship in a church?) So, as Mr. Gibson
tries to make amends for his wrongdoing, I know how some of
the Holly-woodlice would _like_ him to make amends: they
would like him to say, "It was Christianity as such that caused
me to have this anti-Semitic streak; this shows that Christianity
is inherently bad, so I renounce and reject it." Then the hard
left would "forgive" him--as they "forgave" Bob Dylan for his
offense of professing Christian faith, once he gave an interview
to Spy Magazine (I've read it) denying the divinity of Jesus.
If Mr. Gibson should go the way of Bob Dylan, I can
imagine the sort of movies the leftwing establishment would
urge him to make. Perhaps one about how the cruel, greedy
Coptic Christians are currently oppressing the poor, defenseless
Muslims in Egypt; or one which transforms the Washington
Beltway sniper from the Muslim he is into a Baptist; or a historical
film about the savage, vicious Armenian Christians exterminating
a million Turks in 1915; or even one about the American Civil
War, in which the liberation of the slaves is credited to a coalition
of Muslims and Marxists.
None of those productions could be very much more
outlandish than Christian-bashing films that have already been
released and applauded. Christians have been fair game for
vilification for decades now; also, many in the hard left who
pretend to be solicitous for Jews at the moment will soon get
back to rooting for Muslim terrorists to annihilate Israel. Ah, but
we can sleep secure in our beds, confident that the Associated Press
and Ariana Huffington will protect us all from Mel Gibson. I feel
SO much safer.



At 12:10 PM, Blogger CrochetMama905 said...

Mr. Ravitts - I just discovered your blog through Townhall. You have a real gift with words and expressing yourself clearly and intelligently. I have enjoyed reading your blog entries and agree with your views. Something I learned from your post here is that the Beltway Sniper was a Muslim. That obvious fact had somehow completely gone over my head when this story was in the news. Now that our world is under attack, it is imperative to point out the differences between the true followers of Mohammad and the true followers of Jesus.

I will be looking out for your thoughtful commentary now on Townhall and here on your blog.


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