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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Anti-Nonsense Alerts

Anti-Nonsense Alerts

Just Before the 2006 Election:

Back in the Clinton era, when we lost some brave American soldiers in the "Blackhawk Down" incident in Somalia, millions of Americans, including me, formed a common impression of the occurrence, based on the selected information the establishment media gave us. Our impression was that the total activity of the American soldiers in Mogadishu consisted of stumbling and fumbling around, losing men to attacks by the Islamist fanatics, and accomplishing nothing at all. The data generally offered gave us no cause to believe otherwise.

It was only much later, when discussion of the incident was revived in connection with a movie being made about it, that I learned something of which I had received no hint from any reports I read or heard before. I learned that, in that action in Somalia, our soldiers had killed something like FORTY of the enemy for every ONE man of their own who died...and what's more, they DID capture a warlord they were hunting for. This makes it a very different story from the scenario of total failure we were sold originally. It reminds me that Benjamin Franklin said, "Half the truth is a great lie."

The anti-military bias which gave us a false initial impression of the "Blackhawk Down" incident still is alive and well in the media. I should say, the anti-AMERICAN-military bias. Our ultra-leftwing journalists and talking heads don't seem to bear any ill feelings toward the Red Chinese military which hovers threateningly over Taiwan. As our brave servicemembers in Iraq and Afghanistan fight and work to protect our security at the same time they give long-oppressed peoples a chance for lasting freedom, the liberal news media are mainly interested in reminding us of deaths on our side. The media DON'T want us to know that, in return for what is really a moderate casualty rate as wars go, our troops are accomplishing substantial good. The media want us to think that American lives are being thrown away for nothing over there, so that we'll want to give up. They actually would rather see America lose a war, and be thereafter MORE vulnerable to terrorist attacks on our soil, than see a President who isn't a Democrat get any credit for achieving a good outcome.

Please don't be suckered. There are plenty of American servicemembers returning from honorable service in the war zones, who can tell you the things that CBS News and other such outlets choose to omit or de-emphasize. While I don't give Mr. Bush an automatic pass--especially on his frightful slowness to act against penetration of our own southern border--he still is doing FAR more to preserve our safety than the John Kerry crowd would even imagine wanting to do.


At 6:56 PM, Blogger Gayle said...

John Kerry's latest "joke" is proof enough of that, Joseph. If the Democrats ever regain control, this country will definitely go down the tubes! Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, etc., none of them are true patriots.

ABC News, a completely liberal news source, has Republicans ahead in their polls:

I have a partner on my blog, and he runs his own blog. His goes by "Old Soldier" and is a retired Warrant Officer 5. You may be interested in paying him a visit.

At present, I have 100 reasons posted (believe it or not!) why people should vote Republican. And I personally know of two Democrats I have convinced to change their minds and vote Republican, one of which I posted about on the post under the one on top. If you have time, please come visit.

Are you going to be posting here more frequently? If you are, I'll link you to my sidebar. Let me know!

God bless you and yours, Joseph.

At 8:20 PM, Blogger Joe B. Whitchurch said...

Yes, and now that Saddaam got closure on his trial and sentencing to the death penalty by an Iraqi court, I watch for the lefties to go nuts about the atrocity of death penalty. I think no matter how much they mouth that he was 'bad man', they were holding out hope that like Arafat, he might get a peace prize or something.


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